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Dr. Marcel Cobussen, Leiden

E-Mail: m.a.cobussen@umail.leidenuniv.nl
Website: Link

Forschungs- und Interessensschwerpunkte:
Music, Sound, Sound Art, Philosophy, Improvisation, Cultural Studies, Artistic Research, Spirituality, Ethics


Marcel Cobussen studied jazz piano at the Conservatory of Rotterdam and Art and Cultural Studies at Erasmus University, Rotterdam (the Netherlands). He currently teaches Music Philosophy and Auditory Culture at Leiden University (the Netherlands) and the Orpheus Institute in Ghent (Belgium).

Cobussen is author of the book Thresholds. Rethinking Spirituality Through Music (Ashgate, 2008), editor of Resonanties. Verkenningen tussen kunsten en wetenschappen (LUP, 2011) and co-author of Music and Ethics (Ashgate, 2012) and Dionysos danst weer. Essays over hedendaagse muziekbeleving (Kok Agora, 1996). He is editor-in-chief of the open access online Journal of Sonic Studies (www.sonicstudies.org). His Ph.D. dissertation Deconstruction in Music (2002) was presented as an online website located at www.deconstruction-in-music.com.


  1. Towards a Material Spirituality (and Beyond). Musik und Spiritualität
    (Oktober 2012)

Marcel Cobussen
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