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Paul Corneilson M.A. Ph.D., Chapel Hill

Telefon: +1-617-876-1317
E-Mail: pcorneilson@packhum.org

Forschungs- und Interessensschwerpunkte:
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Johann Christian Bach, eighteenth-century singers and operas


Paul Corneilson received his Ph.D. in 1992 with a dissertation on »Opera at Mannheim, 1770–1778«. After working on the New Grove Dictionary of Opera and Recent Researches in Music (A-R Editions), he was hired to be managing editor of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: The Complete Works in 1999. He is editing the St. John Passions and other works by C.P.E. Bach, has published a critical edition of the opera seria »Ifigenia in Tauride« by Gian Francesco de Majo, and has edited two operas by J.C. Bach. He has written extensively on singers associated with Mozart, including Dorothea Wendling, Josefa Duschek, Josepha Hofer, Ludwig Fischer, and Anton Raaff, as well as C.P.E. Bach's tenor Johann Heinrich Michel and the bass Friedrich Martin Illert.


  1. C. P. E. Bach and the Challenge of Breaking into the Canon
    (Januar 2014)